The Evolution of the Cover

Artwork done by Hannah Rodgers  (

Initial Sketch – drawn from my initial descriptions and mock up.
First Draft – made alterations to dragon head and middle characters, plus bam! Look at that awesome drawing coming to life!
Second Draft – our first attempt at titling, plus more work going into the background, and Dani.

Third drafts – This is where the dragon really came to life in its own, along with the moon lighting shining down. You can really the artistry coming out in the dragon and in Dani’s coloring in. Second attempt at figuring out the title and author name positioning.

Fourth drafts – Look at the dragon wings! She added translucency with veins webbing out. The detail that went into fully rendering the dragon is spectacular. Plus, Dani got some major work put into her head area. And we have the title and author name set on the front cover now!

Fifth drafts – This was where Hannah really impressed me with how far she was willing to go, just to give me options to look at. She designed three different background types for me to choose from. PLUS doing more detail work on the characters, really flushing out their looks. This was the final stretch of the cover, viewable at the top of this page in the slideshow.

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