The Dragon Kin

The Dragon Kin is a young adult urban fantasy novel described by early readers as engaging, appealing and immersive, with high relatability to the main protagonist Dani. It is a planned series, and several have already demanded a second in the series. It focuses on friendship, found family, and a touch of budding romance.

Dragons are real, Dani just doesn’t know it yet.

After Dani’s best friend Lia is attacked right before graduation, Dani thinks she’ll lose her forever when Lia’s brother Westen comes to take her away. Before Dani can say goodbye, strange men attack, throwing Dani into a night of escaping fire, running through the woods, and dragons…

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To read what real readers have said about the book (including a couple of authentic Reader’s Choice reviews), read on below!

What readers have said about The Dragon Kin so far

“Great writing, fun story, good characters, overall a really good story.  It was interesting right off the bat, and by chapter four – boom!”

–Mat G., adult reader

“Overall, it’s an amazing book!  Dani is an amazing and fun character to follow as she finds out the truth about her best friend and their family. It’s a very fun, energetic book with twists and turns!”

–Olivia K., age 16

“An engrossing story that is entertaining throughout, and is certainly worth a read! I personally hope there’s a sequel, because I really loved the first one.”

–Viola D., age 15

“Friendship, adventure, fantasy, suspense, and even a bit of romance.  The action never stopped.  I couldn’t put it down!  Can’t wait for the next one.”

–Denise T., adult reader and high school librarian

“A unique voice in young adult fiction, with clever world-building and a protagonist that catches you by surprise.”

– Heather C., adult reader

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